The mission of the PNDC is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally through evangelism and ministry by
training people to reach their full potential in producing excellent service to others.  The PNDC will grow and expand
churches in the Pacific Northwest and the world, encouraging fellowship in the body of Christ through love, caring, and
bringing people to the fullness in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, we are all called to worship and glorify God, through
praise and adoration to bring about a renewing of the mind.

Some time prior to 1954, Elder Thomas Brooks and Sister Julia Brooks left the assembly of Bishop Samuel N. Hancock of Detroit, Michigan and settled in
Seattle, Washington.  Sister Brooks carrying on the work of her husband made numerous appeals to the PAW Headquarters seeking assistance with the
continued effort which had diminished numerically to herself and one or two others.

Bishop A. William Lewis began praying, seeking the mind of God as to what direction he should go in, and asking God to place the right person on his
heart that he was to contact.  In the early 1950's Elder Benjamin Thomas Moore traveled across the country with his wife, Sister Willa Moore, as a National
Evangelist.  Elder Moore later accepted positions at Aenon Bible School as Professor and Dean.  It was in March 1954 that Bishop Lewis contacted Elder
Moore about accepting the challenge to go to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, specifically), and go get in touch with Sister Brooks and begin a work there.  
Elder & Sister Moore obeyed the will of God and arrived in Seattle in July 1954.

It was on Monday afternoon, July 5, 1954, as Mother Pauline Brown and sister Julia Brooks were visiting, that a knock was heard.  When Sister Brooks
answered the door and recognized the caller, she exclaimed with a shout, "Thank you Jesus! Mother Brown, here is our pastor!"

On July 7, 1954 two days later, the first service was held on Wednesday evening in the house of Sister Brooks on 21st Avenue in Seattle, WA.  Those
attending were Sister Willa Moore, Elder Moore's wife, Sister Julia Brooks, Sister Pauline Brown, and Sister Lena Harris.

The Lord set approval on the endeavors of this small group, and at the first Sunday evening service, one soul went down in Jesus Name.  On the following
Sunday another baptism occurred.  The pool was a metal tank in the backyard of Sister Brooks' home.  The neighbors witnessed these baptisms by
peeking through windows and over fences.

As word spread that a Holy Ghost preacher, baptizing in Jesus Name had arrived in town, others began coming out to services and soon the late Sister
Mae Collins, the late Mother Carrie Akridge, and the late Sister Lizzie Washington, all born again believers, joined the small group.

At the end of July, Bishop Lewis asked Elder Moore to contact some saints who were former members of the church in Bedford, Indiana.  The contact
brought in Sister Verna Quackenbush, Elder and Sister Carl Dickerson, and Elder and Sister Curtis Montgomery, who was in the U.S. Army and stationed
at Fort Lewis, Washington.  At this time services were held twice weekly and on Sundays.

In August 1954, Elder Moore returned to the East Coast to get what remained of his family’s possessions.  He left the little flock in the care of Elder
Montgomery, who later became the associate minister of the church.

In November 1954 the first church services were held in a storefront at 1517-14th Avenue, Seattle Washington.  The name chosen was Bethel Christian

On July 5, 1955, the Pacific Northwest District Council held the first organizational session at Bethel Christian Church, 1517-14th Avenue, Seattle,
Washington.  There were 20 who registered as charter members.

The names of the first twenty members of the PNDC were:
Bishop & Sister A. William Lewis, Elder and Sister Benjamin T. Moore, Sister Julia Brooks, Elder and Sister Curtis E. Montgomery, Elder & Sister Gentry
Richardson, Elder & Sister H.R. Vermillyer, Sister Mae Collins, Brother Herman Freeman, Elder & Sister Carl Dickerson, Sister Lizzie Washington, Mother
Carrie Akridge, Sister Verna Quackenbush, Sister Pauline Brown, and Sister Lena Harris.

The names of the first five pastors of the PNDC, their order and location are:
1.        Elder B.T. Moore, Bethel Christian Church, 1517-14th Ave Seattle, WA 1954-1979
2.        Elder H.R. Vermillyer, Christ Temple (later called Mt. Zion, & Church of All Nations), 23rd South & Sheridan, Tacoma, WA 1955-1957
3.        Elder Carl Dickerson, Jesus Name Tabernacle, Olympia, WA 1955-1987
4.        Elder Willis Kennedy, Apostolic House of Prayer, 4716 N.E. Williams, Portland, OR 1956-1960 (also a work for a brief period in Salem, OR,
Chenawa Rd. – Apostolic House of Prayer)
5.        Elder Curtis E. Montgomery, Christ Temple, 1926 South “G” Street, Tacoma, WA 1959-2009

July 1956, The Women’s Auxiliary and the Sunday School were organized under the leadership of Evangelist Grace Kennedy and Elder Nathaniel Davis,
c/o Greater Christ Temple Church ∙ 1926 South G Street ∙ Tacoma, WA 98405 ∙ Office (253) 272-5679 ∙ Cell (425) 442-3109
District Elder Timothy Thomas, Sr., Chairperson ∙ District Elder Helen Orme, Vice Chairlady
District Elder Marcus R. Banks, General Secretary ∙ Sister Jacqueline Johnson, Assistant General Secretary
Elder Michael Montgomery, General Treasurer ∙ District Elder Roland E. Hairston, Jr., Assistant General Treasurer