“Preparing Ministries for Excellence:
Exalting Christ into the New Millennium”

The mission of the PNDC is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and globally through evangelism and ministry by training people to reach
their full potential in producing excellent service to others.  The PNDC will grow and expand churches in the Pacific Northwest and the world,
encouraging fellowship in the body of Christ through love, caring, and bringing people to the fullness in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We are
called to worship and glorify God, through praise and adoration to bring about a renewing of the mind.

In support of our mission we will:

Organize Churches, to support the growing need in the Pacific Northwest and to fulfill God’s work.

Convene Conferences in order to fellowship and provide spiritual training to the leaders, members, and youth on standards of the Apostolic
Doctrine.  We will also participate in our PAW, Inc. conferences and conventions.

Develop Educational Institutions that will support the growing needs of ministries in a changing society, and establish training institutions

In conjunction with the PAW, Inc., help establish facilities that will support the full needs of the sick and aging.

Evangelize locally and globally, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and doctrine of the Apostolic Faith.


1.        To establish Christ Centered Educational Institutions that will support the changing needs of the church and society.

2.        To establish churches in every major city or town in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.  We will also assist the PAW, Inc., in
establishing other churches throughout the world.